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  1. Jens Richard Heinrich Witthoeft

    Hi Richard, I heard and saw you playing in an irish pub downtown in Toronto, I think it was on Sunday, July 5.
    I had a small conversation at the Bar of the Pub with you and your partner.(unfortunately I forgot his name, he was playing the rythm guitar) You gave me one of you CD’s for free, I played it here at my home in northern Germany and all my friends liked it, there were impressed when they heared you playing your steel guitar. Especially we liked the song “Red Rooster”, we think your voice is made for singing Blues.
    Cheers and all the best for you.

  2. I ran across your album on you tube and listened and it is great. It’s very unique. The covers and originals was both great.

  3. Tommy Feltenberg

    Hi,can you share your tuning (tunings) and string gauges?

    • Hey Tommy, good to hear from you. I tend to stick with two basic tunings: one for my Rayco Wiessenborn, and one for my Bear Creek Kona. Because the body of a Weissenborn-style guitar is not as deep as other guitars, they tend to sound a little thin to me, so tuning down adds to the depth and richness of the tone. So I tune to E (EBEG#BE) for the Rayco. On the Kona, I tune to G, but not the standard G tuning used by most dobro players. I use GGDGBD- that avoids the double major third and allows a rougher, edgier, bluesier sound, I think. I change up my string gauges regularly, but here are the general median gauges: The Rayco: 62, 46, 36, 26, 17, 15; and for the Kona- 56, 54, 35, 26, 17, 15. I generally use electric guitar pure nickel flat wound strings by Pyramid and Thomastik-Infeld- I find them to be a little less bright and more vintage-sounding. Thanks for asking!


  4. Hi Richard. Nice speaking with you and your wife today. It was a good hang. I only wish the occasion was in another place and in another time. All best man.

    Play it right.

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