The Guitar

RH8753HRThe acoustic lap steel guitar is an interesting and uncommon instrument. It was developed in Hawaii in the 19th century and is the direct ancestor of both the dobro, played in traditional Americana music, and the pedal steel guitar, so characteristic of American country music. It was also instrumental in the development of the slide guitar blues styles played in the southern United States beginning in the early 20th century. Richard’s performances give a unique perspective on the convergence of the historical development and the continuing evolution of acoustic roots music. And when paired together, the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar and the Peruvian cajon, both unusual instruments, complement each other perfectly: the distinctive slide of the lap steel and the beat of the cajon weaving through an eclectic mix of gospel, country, blues and vintage rock ā€™nā€™ roll. The result, while evocative of roots and folk traditions, is transformational: leading to a vibrant reconstruction of acoustic roots music.

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